What Should You Expect From Off-Site Children's Birthday Parties

Expert Author Chris A. Harmen
If your child's birthday is approaching, you're probably scrambling for party planning ideas. Instead of spending your time frantically cleaning your home to prepare for guests, consider booking birthday parties off-site. However, in order to have the best party possible, learn what you should expect from off-site birthday parties. Knowing what should be included for each event can help you find the right venue for your child's celebration.

Look For A Venue That Doesn't Require A Huge Deposit

If a venue asks for payment in full, before the event, consider looking elsewhere. Venues should only ask for a small deposit to hold your event date, with a full payment due the day of the event. It's common to request a $50 deposit, but some venues could ask for $75 or even $100. Also remember that off-site birthday parties typically have a cutoff point and you may need to pay an additional fee if your party includes more than 10 children.

Make Your Child Feel Special With A One-Of-A-Kind T-Shirt

Birthday parties should be special so to make your child feel even more celebrated on his or her day, look for a venue that gives them a one-of-a-kind T-shirt. Kids can wear these shirts during the party or they can save it for school to remember their day.

Look For Birthday Parties That Don't Make You Share Your Space

If you're a parent, you've probably been to an event with loads and loads of kids running all over the place. It can be difficult to keep track of your own children in these crowded venues so to help keep other parents' minds at ease, look for a venue that gives you access to a private party place. You'll want to look for a place that's big enough so that the children can run around and burn off some energy before retreating to a private room for snacks, cake and presents.

Look For A Venue That Provides Free Invitations

When you book a party at an off-site location, look for a venue that handles everything, including invitations. Some venues will provide printed invitations, while others will provide a downloadable template. No matter which is available, your workload is greatly diminished when all you need to do is print and include a few important details.

Find A Venue That Provides A Dedicated Host

Lastly, look for a venue that will provide your group with a dedicated party host. This will give parents the time to sit back and socialize, while making sure that their children are having a fun time. The host should also be responsible for making sure that the kids move on from one activity to another, as well as serving food and cleaning up when it's time for the event to end. This helps ensure that all you need to do is show up and head home when it's over.

Fun birthday parties are an exciting part of childhood so do a little research in your area for the best local venues. With just a little bit of effort, you can help make sure that your child has an amazing and unforgettable party.