Navy Pier, Chicago's Best Family Day Out

Should you find yourself travelling in Chicago and unsure of where to go, ask any local and chances are they will point you towards Navy Pier. This sprawling ensemble of museums, activities, restaurants, amusements and shops is truly a fabulous day trip for the entire family, and definitely one of the must-see places when travelling in Chicago.

The attractions of Navy Pier

Front-and-centre among the many delights of the Navy Pier is Pier Park, an amusement park notable for its 150-foot Ferris wheel, from atop which visitors can look out over the city and Lake Michigan. It's a sort of Americanized London Eye, if you will. Other attractions on offer at the Park include merry-go-rounds, a mini-golf course, and remote-controlled boats, among many other amusements, which will delight kids and grown-ups alike!

If amusement parks are not your cup of tea, or once your children have let their excitement out of their system at Pier Park, you can head for the Chicago Children's Museum, where they can spend the remainder of their energy learning about several subjects at the myriad interactive exhibits on offer. Round out the evening with a trip to the IMAX cinema, and let your children experience a film as they never have before. If you are raising more culturally inclined offspring, take them to the Shakespeare Theatre to watch any of the frequent plays being staged there.

During the warmer months, Navy Pier's offer of amusement to locals as well as tourists travelling in Chicago expands even further. Visitors can take sightseeing boat cruises, some complete with complimentary meals for a perfect union of the best of two worlds. On the pier itself, special events also take place virtually year-round, from crafts fairs to toy fairs, garden shows and a beer festival. Whichever the time of year, you will always find something going on on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The fun on offer at Navy Pier is perfectly complemented by a vast selection of restaurants, offering the most diverse delicacies, perfect for replenishing energies after a full day of fun. Together with all the other attractions described above, they contribute to give this section of the city its deserved status and renown, as well as to make it a mandatory stop for tourists travelling in Chicago. If you are travelling to the Windy City, especially in the spring or summer months, you should make it a point to visit this world-famous part and experience all it has to offer.