Study Abroad in Tallinn - Estonia's Fascinating Capital

Having the chance to study abroad will certainly enhance the learning experience of pupils. Whether they live in a destination for an extended period of time or choose to study abroad on a school trip, the value of the experience cannot be underestimated.

Taking students away from their familiar environment not only exposes them to a completely different way of learning but also helps them to develop socially and culturally as well. The world is an exciting classroom and one with few boundaries, so encourage your students to study abroad and you will be rewarded with an enthused and inspired classroom on their return.

The Fantastic City Of Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a place that has remained untouched by tourism and yet the city has much to uncover. The history is rich and intricately entwined with that of the rest of Europe, while the modern city exudes a prevailing air of energy and optimism. The city itself is beautiful, with ornate Baroque architecture dominating the streets and stunning colours shining from the red roofs and cobbled streets. The Toompea Castle is probably the finest example of Baroque design in the city and makes a worthwhile visit while staying here.

Despite its oppressed rule in days gone by, this city has embraced its independence and is striding forward with renewed vigour. Freedom Square marks the place where the Tsars ruled for their final days, while the Kadriorg Palace is an opulent display of the Tsarist wealth and power they held throughout the city. Students will get an in-depth insight into the turbulent history this city once endured.

Tallinn is a city of handicrafts, and from glass blowing and pottery to fashion and other more traditional crafts there are some beautiful pieces of art to behold. It is little wonder this city was named the "European Capital of Culture' in 2011. For students interested in music, a concert at the Song Festival Grounds should definitely be included, and if music really is the subject of focus, there are plenty of opportunities to perform in venues throughout the city. The beach is close by and there are many islands that are accessible by boat. Students can even take a day trip to Helsinki on the ferry.

When students travel they should be given the chance to explore on their own, take in some of the local culture and venture into the city cafes and restaurants. It is here they can sample local delicacies and see how the local people enjoy their time relaxing and socialising. For such a small and remarkably unknown capital, Tallinn is a wonderful place to study abroad and students are bound to return home full of happy memories and renewed enthusiasm for their subject.