Geneva - A City of Surprising Attractions

OK, it might be asking too much of you to suggest you should look forward with eager anticipation to your Geneva airport ski transfers. At best you probably regard that stage of your journey as a hurdle to be overcome to get you to the slopes that bit faster, or perhaps on the return journey, back home as soon as possible.

Understandable as that is, there might be an opportunity inherent in such transfers - and that is the chance to stop over and have a look around this great city.

A sleepy backwater?

Although some people believe Geneva is the capital of Switzerland, it isn't - that honour falls to Berne. Perhaps even more commonplace is the rather odd myth that the city is something of a quiet backwater frequented by civil servants and politicians. That is a view that's harder to dispel because it's so engrained in popular assumption - but in fact the city is anything but grey.

It's an ancient city that has existed for millennia. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and sits on the world-famous lake of the same name. So, if you're looking for lovely architecture against a picturesque backdrop, you'll be off to a great start here.

Nor is everything staid. If you doubt that, try the part of town known as "Les Pâquis". It's a multi-ethic location packed full of bars, clubs and restaurants and has a certain avant-garde culture. Whatever else you might find it, 'boring' is unlikely to be one adjective that springs to mind!

Looking around

This city is located at one of the great historic cross roads of Europe and that means it has many historic and cultural legacies donated from elsewhere. Many of those were unwanted gifts at the time, courtesy of conquest or invasion, but today the city benefits from that richness.

Taking a few days to stay over on route with Geneva airport ski transfers will give you the chance to explore some of that history and associated sights including:

• Carouge - a very charming little town close to the centre and a great focus for the arts and crafts; 
• The English Garden and Flower Clock - world-famous blooms and the clock has a second hand which, at 2.5metres long, is reputed to be the longest in the world, 
• The Reformation Wall - dedicated to the key figures of the reformation in Geneva and well worth seeing; 
• The water jet - no explanation is required but this is an impressive sight and not to be missed; 
• Museum of Patek Philippe - a stunning illustration of ancient horology and watch-making, including those made in more recent times by Patek who are widely regarded as being one of the world's most prestigious watchmakers.

This is just a very brief sample of the city's attractions and there are simply piles more to take in. So, instead of regarding Geneva airport ski transfers as a chore or a means to an end, why not see them as an opportunity?