5 Ways Florida Flavours a School Trip With Fun

A good excursion should be great fun. The educational aspects are vital, but if they are delivered at the expense of the student's enjoyment they might as well have been delivered in the classroom. If students can return from their journey feeling safe, educated, and yet can say they had the experience of a lifetime, it can be considered a success.

Florida is an ideal place for such fun. The state replete with sunshine is also full of places that are designed to help students learn in the happiest way possible.

Universal Studios

A school trip to Universal Studios will not easily be forgotten. Students live and breathe a culture shaped by Hollywood and cinema; this theme park invites students to take it to whole new level by entering a world that is a tribute to the iconic images and scenes they have known and loved. The many film based rides, as well as the 'real studio' experience of the park, will enthral students as they get a taste of being inside Hollywood.

Sea World

It is one thing to read about marine wildlife, and quite another thing to experience it at Sea World. This resort is a heady blend of marine education and water-based entertainment. Students on a school trip here can get up close and personal with animals such as the orca, sea lion or dolphin and watch live shows featuring these creatures. They can also go on thrilling rides and water-themed roller coasters and, even as they have fun, they will be learning valuable lessons in ecology and marine biology.

Kennedy Space Centre

From the depths of the sea to the heights of space, Florida gives students on a school trip access to world of astronauts through the Kennedy Space Centre. The interactive simulators, live shows and state-of-the-art equipment on display will mesmerise students with the sheer ingenuity and effort required to organise space travel. The centre also gives access to NASA's launch and landing facilities, so budding astronauts will learn a great deal about the physics and engineering behind a rocket launch.

Disney World

Children the world over have heard of Disney World, and a school trip here offers fun like no other place on Earth. With over forty major attractions over seven enchanted lands in Magic Kingdom Park alone, the attention to detail and devotion given to make fantasy seem reality has to be seen to believed. Students will never forget the time they spend walking, talking and living with pirates, wizards, elves and other creatures from the fictional Disney universe.