5 Highlights of a School Trip to the Golden West of America

There are many unique places in the world. Many of these places inspire a sense of wonder and awe. But when many students think of the American West Coast, perhaps natural beauty and cultural splendour are not the first things to spring to mind. For many, the Golden West of the United States is symbolised by the sun and sparkle of Los Angeles and Hollywood.

However, beyond the glitz of LA lie other delights that will truly move any student on an excursion.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation that does not always bind well with plans for a school trip. But this gambling mecca has changed over the years. It has certainly become more family friendly. Students will experience a sense of wonder at how, in the middle of the desert, a metropolis has been founded that is so alive and abuzz it draws travellers from the world over. A walk through its glamorous hotels, sparkling restaurants and down the famous Strip will not soon be forgotten.

Death Valley

From the gloss of modern, hedonistic society to its complete absence, a school trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley could not be more contrasting. While fabled for its arid, inhospitable climate, Death Valley is actually three million acres of wilderness. It encompasses more than stark and foreboding sand dunes. There are also snow-capped mountains and water-carved canyons to explore. The alien beauty of this natural landscape will implant itself strongly on the memories of students.

The Grand Canyon

Perhaps the most famous natural wonder in the Golden West, the Grand Canyon will leave students on a school trip breathless. This gorge by the Colorado River is truly a natural wonder, and no trip to this corner of the world is complete without time spent marvelling at how the simple forces of water and erosion could have carved such a titanic masterpiece of geology. At more than a mile deep, students will be fascinated to know they are privy to over 2 million years of geological history in this special landscape.

San Francisco

Another cultural wonder, the city of San Francisco contrasts greatly with Las Vegas. Nonetheless, a school trip here will give each and every student their cultural fill. A melting pot of diverse ethnicities and social groups, San Francisco is proud of the social harmony evident in this eclectic mix. A historic site for immigration and liberalisation in America, the famous Golden Gate Bridge stretching across the bay will long be emblematic to visiting students of the rare flavour of the city.